The Birth of Raven House and Willow Creations

Most businesses start in the same way. It usually starts with an idea and then grows from there. Our story is pretty similar to everyone else's. For me though, it's not about the bottom line or developing a product just to be sold. It's about love. I want to create things that not only I fall in love with, but my customers will as well.

I love art in it's many forms. Music, dance, paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc..etc..I first fell in love with art as a small child in the form of music. I took that love and begin training as a violinist. Truth be told, I wasn't that great of a violinist. I got so scared in my auditions, that I would always mess up somewhere and thus, never made it past my high school orchestra. I still loved it though. And then a few years ago, my world came crumbling down. I was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease. A rare disease that ends up destroying your balance and your hearing. I was devastated. As my hearing went, I felt lost. I couldn't use music as an outlet any longer and that is when I turned to painting and creating things with my hands. I've had to learn to let go of my perfectionist tendencies and come to love and appreciate the imperfections, as that is what makes art. I wanted to bring my love of art out into the world and thus Raven House was born.

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